Verna was born and raised in Butte, learned the important life lessons that only Butte can teach and like everyone else from Butte, still loves the place.
In 1986 while searching for herself and a little adventure, she headed to Washington, D.C. to become a nanny for a year or so. She fell in love with the place and everything it had to offer and decided to stay for a while. And by doing so, she embarked on some of those adventures she dreamed of.
She met her husband, Dwain Hoover, a Maryland native and avid hunter and fisherman in 1993 and he agreed to marry her if she promised to bring him back to Montana to live. So they returned to Montana in 1995 and settle in Helena. Verna loves being back in Montana but probably not as much as Dwain.
In November 2000, Cody Lee Hoover, their first child was born and Verna decided to stay home to raise their son.
In February 2001, Verna was fortunate enough to begin working for Kristi and the Montana Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association as their Administrative Assistant, a position she is able to fulfill from home.
In March 2003, twins Jake and Emma Hoover were born and now she works during the wee hours of the night but still loves every minute of it.
In October 2003, when Kristi fulfilled her dream and opened the Missouri River Law Office, she offered Verna the opportunity to do administrative work for the law office and Verna jumped at the chance, though her office location isn’t nearly as picturesque as Kristi’s.

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