Lobbyist Resume


Kristi and the Montana Association of Mortgage Brokers with Governor Martz

Lobbyist - 2003 Montana Legislature. Lobbying for: Montana Beer & Wine
Wholesalers Association; Montana Association of Mortgage Brokers;
Rimrock Foundation; and KIDS Behavioral Health.

Lobbyist - 2001 Montana Legislature. Lobbied for: Montana Beer & Wine
Wholesalers Association; Montana Rental Dealers Association; Montana
Addiction Service Providers; Rimrock Foundation; and Children's
Comprehensive Services.

Highlights: (1) Drafted four bills to affirmatively pass on behalf of
clients: SB 324 (require malpractice claims against chemical dependency
centers to proceed through medical legal panel process); LC 1476
(eliminate ambiguity as to services covered by insurance); SB 253
(create regulatory scheme for rent-to-own businesses); and SB 48
(prohibit illegal direct shipment of alcohol, a bill which was
ultimately sponsored by the Department of Revenue). The three Senate
bills all passed. The issue to be addressed by LC 1476 was resolved by
agreement with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. (2) Successfully monitored
budgetary issues, including protection of alcohol excise money from uses
other than for chemical dependency treatment. (3) Successfully
negotiated with bill sponsor to amend health care client out of bill
which partially eliminated the valuable Certificate of Need process.
(4) Assisted in defeating overly restrictive licensure bill (HB 183)
while assisting in passage of appropriate licensure bill (HB 50). (5)
Successfully steered SB 151 (re: sale of fitness services) into free
conference committee which added two amendments advantageous to client.

Lobbyist - 1999 Montana Legislature. Lobbied for the Montana Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association.

Issues lobbied: (1) HB 442. Assisted in drafting and passage of
coalition bill for brew pub legislation. This was the third session in
which such legislation was attempted, and was finally passed. Montana
was the only state remaining without such legislation; (2) HB 522.
Drafted and assisted in passage of bill to eliminate commerce clause
challenge to statute requiring beer to pass through wholesaler; (3) HB
615. Drafted and assisted in passage of bill to add three new
protections to wholesaler franchise law: (a) Montana law governs
contract interpretation; (b) Montana venue for litigation; and (c)
right to a jury trial in wholesaler disputes with brewers. (4) Tabled
HB 609 (to allow direct shipment of wine) in committee despite that the
bill's sponsor was also the committee chairman.

Lobbyist - 1997 Montana Legislature. Lobbied as citizen of Montana
against a numerical speed limit. (No numerical speed limit was passed
until 1999.)

Associate Attorney at Moffatt, Thomas, Barrett and Blanton, Boise,
Idaho, 8/84 to 8/88.

Lobbied for the Idaho Medical Association.